Double Spline Full Floater Axle | Single

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Price may go up based on material choice, complexity, and whether a single or pair.

4340 Chromoly | Double Spline Full Floater Axle | Single

Dutchman’s Custom “Made to Order” double spline full floater axle shafts are manufactured using Premium Chromoly 4340 alloy steel and utilize the same double heat treat method used in our 4340 front axle shafts, or the same alloy used in aircraft landing gear Hy Tuf. Hy Tuf material utilizes a thru hardening heat treat method for ultimate strength. These Dutchman engineered material & hardening combinations not only give the torsional strength of an “Extreme Offroad” axle but make it suitable for performance street use as well, hence the “Street | Track | Offroad” description.

We can machine most popular splines, fine, coarse, or special [coarse & special splines may run extra & require a sample gear to be sent for proper fitment-inquire].
Smaller spline lengths up to 40” long [30 & 31 spline] and larger spline lengths up to 45” long [35 & 40 spline].

Priced as a SINGLE!
Made in the USA (right here in Meridian Idaho).
Actual product may appear different than the pic.

Material choices:
-4340 [up to 40 spline]
-Hy Tuf [up to 35 spline]

-Snap ring groove on the outer spline
-3/8” NF drill and tap the shaft end
-Smooth finish for seal surfaces
-Torsion Turning

What is “Torsion Turning”?
-It is machining the axle center between the splines down to the root of the spline.

Why “Torsion Turning”? 2 reasons.
-One is to allow the shaft to be removed from the rear end without removing the drive hub or unit bearing, assuming the inner differential or spool splines are the same size and profile as the outer drive hub splines, or smaller.
-The other reason is for an added strength benefit. Both styles of axles will twist under extreme torque loads, but a “Torsion” turned shaft will yield a little bit more twisting than a non-turned shaft.

Options NOT available at this time:
-Gun drilling
-Barrel rolled spines.

Material choices:
-4340 [Up to 40 spline]
-Hy Tuf [Up to 35 spline]

Warranty policy:
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Online ordering is ONLY available for fairly simple double spline shafts (per our selections).

IF your shaft is beyond our selections and/or require bushing or bearing surfaces, you'll need to send in drawing(s) of what you need for evaluation & pricing [IF we can make them].

Ordering help:
1. >Click Here< to review our custom flanged floater axle “Ordering Defined” guide to familiarize yourself with the measuring process. Selections are explained & illustrations provided to aid in the ordering process.
2. Return to this page and make your selections in the drop down boxes and check boxes above.
4. Add your configured axles to the cart and proceed to the checkout process.

Shipping & Payment info:
1. Custom made parts vary in weight. In the shipping methods, select "other options", as the freight will be figured after we review and finalize the order.
2. Custom orders more often than not may end up with changes after the review & build discussion. Therefore we don’t process the credit card on our webstore. In the Payment Methods, select the “A salesman will call…” button, then proceed with the checkout process.

A Dutchman representative will review your order and call to confirm your information once submitted.

NOTE: This listing is for a single axle shaft only!

If ordering a pair >Click Here< for the pair listing rather than list qty 2 when adding to the cart.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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