Ford 9 inch Third Member | Off Road | 35 Spline ARB Locker

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Price may go up based on options & upgrades.

Ford 9 inch Third Member | Strange | ARB | Off Road

Whether you call it a Hogs head, drop out, chunk, or 3rd member, Dutchman has you covered with several levels of 9 inch Ford third member options, structured to meet the needs of your street machine or race car build. “Street & Track” level for cruisers to medium performance track use, “Street” nodular and aluminum for mild to medium performance street vehicles, “Pro Street & Off road” nodular for Hi-performance Street and Offroad combo use, and “Full Race” nodular for Hi-performance race cars only.

This listing is for the “Offroad” XHD nodular iron third member, built with a 35 spline ARB air locker. Good for Hi-performance street and off road builds that have a lot of horsepower and torque.

Price may go up based on options & upgrades.
Actual product may appear different than the pics.

Off Road 3rd members are built using the following components.
-New Strange Engineering Deluxe “Pro Street / Off Road” nodular iron case,
-New Nodular iron or optional forged aluminum Daytona pinion support,
-New 1350 series HD forged or optional XHD Strange Chromoly drive yoke,
-New 35 spline ARB air locker
-New US Gear or Motive Performance brand ring & pinion (3:50 & up ratios),
-New bearings, pinion seal, ring gear bolts,
-Lube Locker gasket,
-Set up using a solid pinion bearing spacer [rather than the inferior crush sleeve],
-Fully assembled and ready to bolt in.

-Forged Aluminum pinion support
-Plastic shipping / storage case
-Powder coating of the case and/or pinion support

>Click Here< to view color options other than basic semi flat black [chassis black].
>Click Here< to view a “Race Only” version of this 3rd member [Full Spool version]

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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