9 inch Ford 3rd Member Case: Strange Nodular Iron Pro Street & Track Series

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Has your stock 9” case or aftermarket “big cap” case with 5/8” cap bolts failed? The Strange 9” Ford nodular iron case is the solution- hopefully before the failure costs you a lot of money. Strange nodular cases are machined from D-4512 nodular iron which is 8% stronger than the nodular which is found in OEM cases. The 8% material strength is only a small portion of the total strength increase a Strange case offers. The Pro Series case is available in two bearing sizes; the 3.062 size suitable for all 28 & 31 spline differential combinations as well as the 3.250 size for 35-spline locker and full spool applications. Recommended for high horsepower applications (Over 600 hp).
For additional strength the case features:
-Chrome-moly bearing caps retained by socket head cap screws that exceed aircraft grade 8 specifications.
-Steel adjuster nuts.
-The pinion pilot bearing has been reinforced with superior D-4512 nodular and additional material.
-All bolt holes are deep tapped and cast with additional material surrounding the OD of the holes.
-Bearing bores and reinforcing ribs are all cast with additional material in critical areas.
-Ribs were carefully designed to further enhance rigidity.
-Spot faced stud holes prevent lubricant leaks and damaged mounting surfaces.
Carrier Bearing Sizes:
3.062 (28 & 31 spline differentials)
3.250 (35 spline differential/spools)

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