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Price may go up based on options & upgrades.

Ford 9 inch Third Member

Dutchman Street & Track

Whether you call it a Hogs head, drop out, chunk, 3rd member or third member, Dutchman has you covered with several levels of Ford 9 inch 3rd Member options, structured to meet the needs of your street machine or race car build. “Street & Track” level for cruisers to medium performance track use, “Street Plus” nodular and aluminum for mild to medium performance street / track combo cars, “Pro Street” nodular and aluminum for Hi-performance street / track combo use, and “Full Race” nodular for Hi-performance race cars only.

This listing is for the “Street & Track” nodular iron 3rd member. Good for cruisers to medium performance track use. Good for up to 600hp in 31 spline, or up to 800hp in 35 spline.

Price may go up based on options & upgrades.
Actual product may appear different than the pics.

Dutchman Street & Track 3rd members are built using the following components.
-New Dutchman “Street & Track” nodular iron case,
-New Nodular iron or optional forged aluminum Daytona pinion support,
-New HD forged 1310 or 1350 series drive yoke,
-New 28 spline or 31 spline open diff. or 31 spline or 35 spline limited slip positraction differential [Trac Lock, Eaton True Track, Detroit locker, or Wavetrac],
-New US Gear or Motive Performance brand ring & pinion (2:75 & up ratios),
-New bearings, pinion seal, ring gear bolts,
-Lube Locker gasket,
-Set up using a solid pinion bearing spacer [rather than the inferior crush sleeve],
-Fully assembled and ready to bolt in.

-Forged Aluminum pinion support
-Choice of yoke series and strength
-Choice of differentials
-Plastic shipping / storage case
-Powder coating of the case and/or pinion support

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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